Sell or Consign

Consignment is the preferred method for both you (The Seller) and us unless you need cash quick or would like to just sell the item quickly. In this case we will offer you a lower price (in most cases) to buy the item from you right away.

If you consign your items with us you receive the most money when your items sell. It could take hours, weeks or months (and some items don’t sell at all).  If we think it would sell however we will consign it for you and take a commission from the sale when it sells so you receive the most money this was as we only take a 30 to 40 percent commission.

When we purchase the item we pay between 10 and 50 percent of retail depending on what the item is, how quick we think we can sell it and how much we would like to have it in our shop!


If you wish to sell the item out right this is how we determine what our offer will be.

30% to 50% Purchase Tier
Top Dollar is paid on sterling silver, gold and many WWI/II Military Medals  (items with very large collectors markets). Very rare items, museum quality artifacts and unique local historic items.  We pay top dollar for this as we already have buyers lined up for it.

20%-30% Purchase Tier
This is still WELL above the average purchase price.  We pay 30% for unique, interesting, quick sell items such as rare bottles, antique/vintage radios, antique/vintage toys, Art Deco items, rare glass, porcelain/enamel signs, oil cans / gas pumps, juke boxes, pinball and currently stuff like Danish Teak furniture from mid century (as it’s on a upswing and in high demand with our customers – so any eames era atomic looking items come see us!)

10% to 30% Purchase Tier
This is for things like antique washboards, common primitives, decorative antiques, collectibles that take a longer time to sell, dug bottles & common bottles, glassware, common pottery, depression glass, etc.. (basically the common stuff but still sellable)

Things we do not want

  • Most china (we do purchase high end china, art deco china, mid-century atomic age china, unique and interesting china as well) but the standard china most people have is too common to resell in any quick amount of time and it takes up so much space we only purchase it when we sell our current inventory.
  • Garage sale items.  If your bringing us your chipped, unwanted, common items that you find in most standard garage sales we will just ask you to keep them.  If however you are unsure if something you have is valuable or not please bring it in for us to review before you have your garage sale (We will always make time for you!)
  • Crystal (It just does not sell anymore) but don’t fear I am sure one day it will be popular again so keep it packed away.  We do take some pieces (like signed orreffors, and some cornflower) but we are very picky and have no interest in pinwheel or lead crystal.
  • Glassware. Wine glasses and such have to be very unique for us to take in.  We do take depression glass, carnival glass, uranium glass and even 70’s funky glass or glass with advertising on it but again we are REALLY picky as it takes up lots of shelf space.
  • Broken stuff.  If your item is fairly common and it’s missing a knob, has a hole in it, cracked, not working etc… chances are it’s not worth anything (not even 1.00) but in rare cases (such as a antique radio) if it does not turn on it can still be worth something (sometimes a lot as long as it is esthetically pleasing)

Please send us photos first.  We would hate for you to show up with it just to have us tell you we do not have room.  Some large items we will take but we need to see it first.

We will come to you (if you are in the midland area) but we ask that you send us some photos first of the items (so we do not waste your time or ours).  We try to book appointments on Mondays.  If you have some items on our wish list we would most certainly love to come out and see you.  We can pick up items for consignment or purchase but please try to send us some good photos or at least be very descriptive of the items you have.