Consignor Information

We have a number of options for consignment.

OPTION 1: This option is best for people who are not antiques dealers but have a few vintage or antique items that they wish to sell. You can bring your items in and we will review them and ask you what you would like to sell the items for (or you can ask us what we think they will sell for).  We then put them in the store for you for 3 months to try to sell the items for you.  You can check your sales status online (see if anything sold), call us or drop in and check.  After the three months you can either reduce the price or take the items back. (For some items we allow them to stay in the store past the three months cut-off).  Items that sell for UNDER 1000.00 we take a 40% commission, Items over 1000.00 we lower our commission to 30%.  You can set the price but we will always pick and choose what we accept as consignments in the store.  We are not a very large store so we like to make sure we have variety and quality items.

OPTION 2: Auction site – This option is best for a quick sale!  We run TWO online auctions per month with approx. 100 lots in each auction.  Auctions have no reserve so 95% of the auction items sell.  We only take 20% commission.  You just bring the items in and we do the rest. We take the photos, preview the items in store, type out the auction listings and make the final sales including shipping if required by the buyer. 

Option 3:  This is for large estates (Inherited or downsizing) we leave the items at your estate, take photos and lot each item with descriptions and conduct an ONSITE preview as well as a ONLINE preview.  We then leave the items in place at the estate and have two days scheduled for ONSITE pickup (No shipping).  Dedicated onsite estate auctions we take a slightly higher (30%) commission do to the extra work, advertising and staff involved.

OPTION 4: You can RENT SPACE from us in the store from us.  This is considered a “Dealer” space.  Space rental starts at 50.00/mth plus 10% commission of all sales from your space.  As long as the items are VINTAGE (30+ years) or fall into a collectible market we allow them in the store.

Please call us, send us a message or drop by and we will answer all your questions.