May 18th – May 26th

Each week we try to snap a few photos of the items that have come in to the store.  Unfortunately for the website often items come in and are only here for a day (or less) before being scooped up by our walk in customers.  Here are some photos (below) of some items that are new and still in the store this week. 😉

We are featuring this vintage dime bank.  It is a Cast Iron Bank in the image of Aunt Jemima (Mammy).  I am saying vintage and not antique as I beleive this to be about 30-40 years old and not the 100 year old antique penny bank it is made to look like (The Phillips screw holding the two half’s together along with the absence of any makers make on the bottom gives that away) but it is a great collectible item non the less with some nice age to it.  This particular one is a much better crafted dime bank as the mold detail, paint and construction are much higher quality then most reproduction banks and it appears to have been molded with a much finer sand then most vintage reproductions.  It’s an adorable piece!

This week we also have photos below showing…

  • Chapin Insecticide Sprayer (In perfect shape – great advertising piece)
  • A pair of cast iron scroll work candelabras (wall mount)
  • A doctors bag (In excellent condition – sorry no tools in this one)
  • A few new fruit sealer jars including a amber colored WAN-ETA cocoa from boston
  • A vintage hand carved lazy Suzann wooden punch bowl set
  • A nicely age vintage (Canadian made) softball bat (Louisville)
  • Some cast iron pots with metal inserts (Imagine these as planters in a kitchen held up with a old wooden block pulley)
  • A cast iron paper towel dispenser that looks like a boot scraper
  • Metal art dog (may have been a boot scraper)

and more…