May 12rd – May 17th

Some of the highlights of this week are a Rare UK mono first print of the Beatles “A Hard Days Night”

Oddly enough this week we sold 2 beautiful vintage fur coats (One was a very high quality Eaton’s vintage mink in mint condition) and we just happen to acquire 3 more vintage furs in this week (Two coats and a beautiful vintage mink shawl)

The furs sat here all winter and as soon as the nice weather hit… they sold.  The young lady who purchased the mink Eaton’s fur coat was so happy! It really is nice to see these beautiful vintage furs being used again … and not sitting in a closet somewhere wasting away!

Also this week…

  • A 1957 Warriors Day (Veterans) C.N.E ticket (Paper)
  • Some signed & non signed vintage costume jewelry (Some really nice sets)
  • A really nice fedora
  • a vintage sun-glass kit (Change color lenses)
  • A nice deco wooden chair
  • a candle stand (Looks like it is from a church – cross on top and 2 hangers)
  • 2 books “The Great Book For Boys” from the early 1900’s
  • A vintage makeup compact
  • A sterling silver Mexican ashtray/trinket tray
  • A late 1800’s fire hose nozzle (Fairy)
  • Some 78’s and 22’s (Record Albums)
  • 2 sets of Edison Diamond Disks (Really thick Records)
  • Military stuff (Foresters Badges, Cap badges, buttons, Marksman patches, Cadet patches and more)
  • Couple old radios (Some working)

I added some photos of the costume jewelry necklaces and bangles (as well as a sterling broach) as a customer asked to see some current photos of these.