May 3rd – May 11th

We have had an interesting week in the store and met some great people. A few new items came in and this one in particular comes with a story.  Our friend Bill walks into the store with this item, I recognize the glass ball full of liquid as a fire grenade but in a color I have not seen before.  The photo does not do it justice as it’s a rich purple color in person.  It sits in this holder, with a spring below and has two wires sticking out the top (that would go to a thermostat) and when the temperature hits a certain level the spring loaded hammer would break the glass and let the fire extinguishing liquid out…. at least how I thought it would work….

As Bill and I play with the device Carolyn looked up the details of it online and we head “Guys, the arm your playing with has a 32 caliber bullet inside it so I think you should stop playing with it” … sure enough the device has a pin sticking out the top that acts as a firing pin that drives into the back of a 32 cal. bullet hidden inside the arm (on the spring).

Bill took the unit (back home with him) and brought it back a few days later with the bullet removed so that we could safely display it in the store without worrying about the loaded bullet in the arm.  Needless to say… shouldn’t play with stuff like this until you really know what you have in your hands as it could have ended badly.  The liquid in itself is dangerous and must be handled with caution but it looks magnificent on the wall. I have added a few more photos below.

Next we have this beautiful early Moorcroft bowl in and a Moorcroft ashtray as well.  We still have a absolutely stunning Moorcroft vase as well that I think I added photos of before (You can see it below as well).  We currently have a pin/trinket tray in stock as well.





  • Old stool (Use as a plant holder)
  • Saddle (Simco) very ornate (has bit holder and stirrups size 15 i think)
  • Milk glass punch bowl with stand and one cup
  • Opalescent carnival glass candy dish
  • Carnival Glass (Blue grapes) Pitcher – very heavy nice piece
  • Carnival Glass (FENTON) (Eagle on nest instead of the standard hen on nest candy dish)
  • Sulphide Marble with Squirrel inside!
  • A small antique trinket wooden shelf unit
  • Carved wood stamp (Large very ornate)
  • A couple baskets
  • A ginger beer bottle with Free Masons insignia and blue top
  • A olive/apple green Crown jar (Pint)
  • A military (Canadian/British) tripod used for surveying
  • A bunch of loons (Some wood, resign and stone)
  • A German tunic (WWII)
  • A R.C.C.S patch (Looks hand made) (Military)
  • A loon plate (Very nice collectors plate – Wild Wings Norther Song Loons – 3963 numbered)
  • … and a old floor lamp (We need a light bulb to test this one out before we sell it however and the bulb is not a normal one so we may need to order it)

Photos Below.. click on any photo for a larger view!