First home tanning light (Circa 1928)

This as far as we know this is the first SUN TANNING lamp produced for home use

Made by “Eveready” and this particular one is number 754 off the production line!

It is a Carbon Arc Lamp (Same as an ARC welder or those really bright lights they use in the ball parks to light the fields at night)

Not many were sold as they were a whopping 125.00 back in 1928 so th

is was VERY expensive and not many were sold.

A smaller version was sold that was just the head (without the stand) and is a little more common (Not much however).

They marketed this for home heath, doctors would use them as well for heath.  They marketed them as a way to keep plants alive (UV) and the ads show whole families in front of the lamps with sun tanning glasses on!

It has a timer so you can adjust the time it stays on for as well.

The one we have in stock does have carbons in it but no one is brave enough here to plug it in!  If your looking for a really interesting conversation piece or a industrial looking antique to convert into a modern day lamp this is for you!! I doubt anyone would run it for suntanning (we would strongly advise against that) but it belongs in a museum! (or a really trendy loft)

This is a VERY rare item! We have it listed in the store for 1500.00 (or best offer) we have print outs of some of the advertisements at the store as well and some more background info.