Local Bottles!

We  found one! Unfortunately… It is broken (the lip and neck have a nasty crack and chunk missing) but this confirms the bottle does exist. (Update: We have a perfect example now on display in the store thanks to a local bottle collector the perfect one is not for sale but come in and see it if you would like)

We have had a few people ask us about this mysterious Midland Ontario pop bottle …  Some think it is just a myth, but here it is in the flesh (or in this case glass).

The stone ginger beer version (Same Company – M.C.Hinds)  is still impossible to find!!  Only 2 known to exist of the ginger beer version and we would love to own one! (Hint Hint!)

This is our second PARKERS DAIRY (Midland) Bottle. 

Parkers was only in operation for a few years in the early 30’s so this is a scarce bottle – the dairy was apparently located across the street from the entrance of little lake park (off  king st. ).  This one is a pint and the previous one we had was a 1/2 pint.

We also have this great Simcoe bottle (ACL) in perfect condition.

Click image for larger view

One of the local bottle collectors (Bill) have brought in some amazing local bottles for us to display including a Midland pop bottle in perfect condition along with the large one as well (even more rare) and the small Simcoe Beverages bottle.  Have a look below at the local bottles he has brought us.

UPDATE May 2 2012
Betty (Over at sell-it online in Penetang) says she has a top quality midland pop bottle in the store  (33 Main Street – Penetang)