Local Midland & Area Collectibles!

We love our local history. Any chance we get to acquire and display a piece of local history in our shop we jump at the opportunity.  Problem is every time we get a really great piece it sells the next day! We made a choice (for now) to hold on to this Roxy Theater / Midland Drive in poster from 1958.  We placed it in this frame and have it behind the counter for everyone to see and enjoy as we do  (we get offers daily on it).  We would like to keep a couple pieces in the store not for sale (Well not for sale…. yet… we will eventually sell them as we acquire new local pieces).

We love the HUNT too!  We found this one in Belleville Ontario at the antiques mall and just had to have it.  The owner told us he had another one at his Trenton location so we asked him to put it away for us and should have it next week.  We may sell ONE of the TWO (Maybe) but it will be hard to choose who to sell it to as so many local collectors have expressed interest.

We found a collection of INK BLOTTERS from the early 1900’s (22 of them in total) all from Local Business’s in Midland.  They were acquired from a collector in Saskatoon! (All but one of these have been sold)

We found the Singer Sewing plates with Midland Ontario written on them down in Schomburg and some of the J.W.Bald postcards from as far away as Massachusetts.

Some of the best stuff walks thru the doors here.  Like the Hodges Midland Dairy Bottle, the Penetang mini pop bottle and the beautiful photo of the Keewatin ship that they are bringing back to Port McNicoll this year!

Would love to have some old train photos of Midland and area if anyone has any originals or old photos of buildings here back in the early 1900’s.  The historical Society has supplied us with about 100 reproduction post cards from the local area (Great job on them by the way!) and we are selling them here as well for 2.00 each – they look great in frames!!

To update this post (April 4 2012) we have the other Midland poster in (1957) looks amazing as well (We love them both)








UPDATE June 16 2012

  • Added a Midland photo book (Native image on front – leather)







Have a look below at some of the great local finds we have.