April 1st – 9th

We have had some great items come in this week.  I have included some photos of some noteworthy items 😉

  • Hodges Dairy Bottle (Midland) with PERFECT print (Pint)
  • Local Artist Carving
  • Local Vintage/Antique yard sticks (Midland, Victoria Harbour and Port McNicoll)
  • Salesman Sample Snow Shoes (Pair looks great on the wall)
  • 25+ local INK blotter cards from all sorts of midland (and area) business’s from the early 1900’s
  • A LARGE vintage maytag poster (We may try to get this one framed) it’s probably 3×5 feet in size
  • A SIGNED KINGSTON TRIO program from Massay Hall 1961 (Toronto) – We framed it
  • 1930’s Monopoly Man Perfume bottle
  • Cast Iron Owl
  • Sunbeam mixer (with Juicer and two milk glass bowls) – Working Great!
  • A Victorian firestarter
  • A Spittoon from Union Pacific R.R
  • Really nice carved antique shelf
  • Some FULL coke and pepsi bottles (and some carriers)
  • A few old tools (Archimedes drill, Small trowel, Square, level and rulers)
  • Art Deco Ashtray (Chrome)
  • Hand Carved dogs, a donkey, a cowboy and even a squirrel. (Were all done over 30+ years ago by local farmer in off season)
  • Some great fishing lures, reels and more!

Also we have had these for a while but I thought I would post some photos as they are easily missed in the store

  • Olympic Participation medal. (1976)
  • Meerschaum pipe (popeye) with bakelite pipe and case
  • A stubby POP sign (Very Nice)

… and you will find more in the photos as well!