Oct 18 2013

oct-18-2013 (35) Well the summer rush is over so maybe we can get the site updated a little quicker.

Featured in this post is a beautiful framed original oil painting by Karl E. Termohlen – One similar size and style called blazing clouds sold for 18000.00 at auction in april 2006.  With the economy the market is soft but the consignor is only asking 1650.00 for this one.  The frame is absolutely stunning.

We have some nice original cast iron door stops, boot scrapes, horse hitching posts and carriage weights as well as…

  • 222 singer featherweight
  • 80’s hand held donkey kong
  • teak furniture
  • browns gravenhurst bottles
  • blue beaver sealer jar (and lots of other sealers including midget pints and other rare collector jars)
  • beatles stuff (Records, posters, books and more!)
  • pop crates (7up, pepsi, coke, etc…)
  • lots of milk bottles
  • two really nice oil paintings (signed but we can not read the name)
  • a framed trout print
  • a large brass horse
  • Two mohair articulating teady bears (Made in Elmvale by Mrs.Potts)
  • Large turn of the century portrait painting of a lady
  • some rare blue mountain pieces
  • lots of crocks
  • Lots of masonic (Mason) stuff and fez (Rings, Pins, hats, grand lodge frames, etc..)
  • straight sided coke bottles
  • models (Not build)
  • wooden pulley
  • mini transistor radio with case and box
  • and much much more….