Special Entry – Canadian Crown Maple Leaf sealer jar

IMG_5770Special Entry – Canadian Crown Maple Leaf sealer jar

We had two very rare sealer jars come into the shop this week and wanted to share some photos with everyone.  One was the known “D” half gallon sealer with the maple leaf (only a handful of these have been found) but the other maple leaf jar (seen below) is a opposite leave and no “D” so it is (as far as we know) the ONLY One known of.  The owner of the jars would entertain offers and bring the jars in for a serious buyer but at this time we only have the photos to share.

Here is a SIDE BY SIDE view of the KNOWN maple leaf “D” crown sealer and the NEWLY DISCOVERED Opposite facing leaf without the “D” sealer.  We feel very fortunate to have had this jar in the store and able to acquire these photos and permission from the owner to post these photos exclusively on our site.