May 31 2013


Crocks (LOCAL) and some really great ones!  Yes, that is a 4 line Midland Ontario crock from D.Brodrick’s Liquor Store (Circa late 1800’s). We are proud to have this on display in the store for all to enjoy!  We also have a VERY rare Tottenham bowl (crock) as well (4 line) probably will never see another as these are scarce!

We have TWO edison WAX cylinder gramophones this week. (Pre-Records) one has a lovely horn but both are in need of some repair (that we are working on now) and will be available for sale shortly.

Below are some other very rare Simcoe (Local) crocks from the 1800’s.

This is a BARRIE 1gallon (Small) 5 line open crock

IMG_3941 IMG_3942

This one is a beautiful Hillsdale 3 line 1gallon open crock in amazing condition.
IMG_3945 IMG_3946

IMG_3943 IMG_3944

IMG_3946 IMG_3947

This is a mixing bowl from Tottenham Ontario (4 line split side by side) this is extremely rare and in amazing condition for such a rare piece.
IMG_3948 IMG_3949

Other items include…

  • Tractor seat (Toronto)
  • Stag tobacco cutter (Larger one) all cast iron
  • wind up tin toy cement truck
  • Glass oil bottle (HUFFMAN)
  • Beaver Jars (One blue has already been sold but we put the photo up as it is too nice not to share!)
  • beautiful Brantford cobalt blue flower crock
  • a Brantford merchant jug (Crock)
  • couple milk bottles
  • Roseville art pottery piece
  • Perfect Hillsdale crock (last one we had sold fast!)
  • Large set of railroad lights (Working)
  • some crates
  • Some grate lakes and CP rail dinnerware
    and more…