May 21st 2013

IMG_3710Welcome back cottagers and vacationing treasure hunters!  The summer season is here and we are packed full with new finds from the winter months.

This week we have some new sealers stock …

  • Two Midg.Pint Beavers (SKA and Clear)
  • Sky Blue Crown T.Eatons Midg.Pint
  • Amber/Citron perfect seal
  • Aqua/blue beaver
  • Sky Blue No dot crown
  • and more!!

We also have…

  • A rare KIST green label bottle
  • A pair of native brass bookends (War headdress)
  • Canadian Millitary pouch, pants and belt
  • Torch lamp
  • A coffee Perk (Lots of people asking for these)
  • Some milk bottles (Ontario ones)
  • Some LOST *(TV SHOW) collector cards (some with real signatures and others with prop relics)
  • Some beatles stuff (VHS, Lamp, and more)
  • comic books
  • some devils face dollar bills
  • some new coins in too!