May 2 2013


This last week so much new stuff has been coming into the shop that we have not had a chance to take photos yet of it all.  If you like action figured for instance we have about 50 of them right now in the boxes (wrestling to spawn to movie and tv figures) all very collectible.

This really great 1970’s rock ola jukebox came in.  It works great!! The coin mech, player, selectors, lights, etc… all work great and sounds great playing.  They only made 500 of this style so it’s rather rare too!  We probably have close to 1000 45 rpm records as well!

We have a big collection of new bottles (Pop, Soda water, codd’s, medical and other interesting bottles).

Other items include….

  • Italian pear vase
  • Full Texaco oil can
  • Oil spout (NOS)
  • A Chinese vase (We are having this looked at by an expert as it may be something special)
  • some  Japan post cards (We are having a friend who speaks Japanese look at these for us to see what they say and to help identify them – found locally in a war veterans collection of military paper and stamps)
  • Lots more stamps and stamp books
  • 50+ action figures (In original boxes)
  • a nice large book case / shelve unit
  • a beautiful hoosier cabinet (Don’t know if I mentioned that last week or not but unfortunately it is sold already.. they do not last)
  • and much more… the store is FULL right now but it’s leaving quickly too!