April 29th 2013

IMG_3372Shop is getting busy with the nice weather and lots of stuff is coming in.  Also I want to thank everyone for registering for our online auction site at www.midlandauctions.ca … our first auction earlier this month went very well and our second on is now underway!  If you have not already registered please do.

We just love this small local “CLAPP’S SPORT SHOP” crate. Unfortunately the top is missing but it has a great crisp graphic on both sides. Nice local midland Ontario piece of history!

I will add a detailed list later of the new items but here are the photos below and here are a few featured items too..

These 1954 ONE DOLLAR bills are CHOICE UN-CIRCULATED and they have the DEVILS FACE in the queens hair! Oh Yeah, They are SEQUENTIAL TOO!  We are asking 500 for the set of three or best offer.  These are rather rare in this condition.  We have some coins and some 1937 choice un-circulated sequential one dollar bills as well.

We also have this beautiful Hoosier cabinet come in (Made in Hanover Ontario) it has the original flour sifter and many of it’s glass gars as well.  It’s really in great condition. Not perfect but a little work and it could easily be perfect.

IMG_3365  IMG_3373


This is what it looks like!! Yes, a old 1920’s/30’s doctors box.  It is loaded with good stuff. Scissors and tools, bottles (inducing a paper label poison), first aid books, and more!


And below are more great items…