Marbles… Did you know?

Belive it or not… Marbles are not all made out of glass … most modern day marbles however are.

Marbles were originally made with clay as far back as the 1500’s by the Dutch and later by the Germans. They were first made in North America out of clay as well into the 1880’s (The Akron Toy Company).

Most clay marble production stopped in 1950 so most clay marbles are now collectible.  The standard size clay marbles are not overly valuable but are growing in popularity again.

The larger ones and the ones with hand paintings, intricate line patterns, painted scenes, Rare Benningtons (Like the one shown to the right) and other fancier marbles are very collectable.  This marble on the right is worth about 15-20 dollars to the right collector.

Glass marbles can be collectible as well.  Recently we found a BLUE glass marble made from URANIUM glass. This is a rarity as uranium glass was used to make GREEN and YELLOW marbles but as you can see in the next photo this guy is VERY MUCH BLUE.

(Click small images to see full size)

… and when exposed to blacklight (Next photo) you can see it light right up BRIGHT GREEN!

(Click small images to see full size)

Collectors also like ODDITIES in almost any collectible item (same holds true with marbles) for instance…

This marble has a inclusion that was never meant to be included.  It looks like a piece of goldflake or copper. This Marble has really nice swirls as well and some bubbles.



This marble has a BIG bubble right in the middle

This marble is HUGE! See it compared next to a quarter….


Here is the same marble (back) compared to other “Bolders” – All of these are large marbles

Below I have included some photos of some of our marble stock at this time.