March 29 2013 – Easter Weekend


 Happy Easter everyone!

We have a Midland (Hodges) dairy bottles in (really hard to find these especially with this back image – this is one we have never seen before on a hodges bottle!)

Don’t forget to check our auction site!! We have an auction running right now 5.00 no reserve per lot.  Free to sign up and bid!

This week we have
– Compass
– some antique tools
– Beaver Lumber Sign
– Live Bait Bucket
– Chairs from the Midland Lions Club
– Washboard
– Signed Whipper billy Watson photo
– A nice crate with goose on it
– A railroad dinner bell (used in schools, nbc radio and even in the movie grease)
– A Peterboro (Campbell’s Dairy) milk bottle
– A Midland Hodges bottle
– Some hard to find milk caps
-A Bordens Dairy tin can
– Eddy’s Match book printers block (brass)
– Macdonalds pop 6 pack!
– Toy Tractor
– Sherlock Holmes style pipe (Nice one!)
– Minton bowl
– HUGE Zippo (Ford Logo)
– 35+ Zippo lighters
– Local Police Badges
– Photo of John Lennon in New York
– tack box(advertising piece Cross Sterilized Tacks)
– A bunch of locally made canes and walking sticks
– Dunn’s Pavilion
– Deco hood ornaments
– A nice card file box
– Smoke Dispenser
– Weather Vane
– Some local paper items
– Some local photos
– Ontario Oil produced maps
– few signs
– more coins
– Pink Poodles
– Anchor Hocking Fridge Jars
– Some fishing stuff
– Dairy Queen
– Canadian pottery (Pink)
– Pipe stands (3)
– Spoon stand
– Air plane napkin holders (Wardair)
– poker set
– brass hooks
– 70′s decanter
… and more!