Sealer Jars (Aka Fruit Jars, Mason Jars & Sealers)

I will start this post by saying… Those sealer jars your grandmother has to make jam in or your Grandfather is using to store loose nuts and bolts in the garage can be worth a small fortune if you have the right ones!

We sold a RARE purple (Amethyst) PINT sealer jar with a beehive on it and the non collector would be SHOCKED at what it sold for!  These jars sell between 300 and 1200 dollars!  This one pictured to the right is the one we sole.  It did not have it’s lid and had a small chip in the thread but had nice bright purple color – Sale price: 600.00!


The next photo down is another RARE sealer jar we just got in.

It’s a 1/2 Gallon BEAVER jar but under the beaver are two RAISED DOTS (Hard to see in photo) but this makes this particular jar even more rare and collectible then a standard BEAVER jar.  Most beaver jars range in price between 35.00 to 90.00 this one however is 150.00+ jar to the right collector!

Ontario is FULL of bottle collectors and groups who go dig up old farmland looking for bottles.  So when your cleaning out a old barn, attic, basement, garage and cupboards don’t thow away old glass items unless broken.

We will buy them from you (or) sell them for you!!

What collectors are NOT looking for:
Basically any jar that has a large crack or big chip, any clear or aqua colored “crown” jar (that does not say t.eatons) but some exceptions to this exist so your welcome to bring them in and have us look them over.  Some have missprints, some are missing stuff and some have the really early crown logo with no dots around the crown (These even in clear glass are very collectable).  The most common in this area are usually not of any interest to the collectors – Most clear mason or perfect seal jars for instant are very common and not collectable. Again just to be sure send us some photos or drop by and let us see them!

New Collectors… Heads up cause some of the 50.00+ bottles are fakes! Don’t fall for the fake ones!
Any reproduction or unnaturally colored jars we avoid and any with “Made in” written on the bottom or “Repo”/”Reproduction” in small print.  Those REALLY DARK ones in blue and purple that are so dark you can not see through them… most likely fake or naturally aged by radiating them.

What our customers really want are… 

  • colored jars (especially vibrant colors like apple green, bright yellow, red, bright purple, amber and even some aqua is good too.
  • jars with INTERESTING LOGOS (beaver, beehive, pansy, moms, etc..)
  • any jar i have not mentioned above is not as common in this area and we would be very interested in seeing any oddities as well.
  • Crown jars are very common (we see them all the ime) but some are still collectible…. Very plain looking ones with no dots around the crowns or ones made with T.Eatons or interesting colours (Not aqua blue, light purple or clear) apple green, amber and pinkish/red would be of interest.
  • misprinted ones (Spelling, upside down words, etc)

If your not sure please ask me! Others can still be worth money so please don’t hesitate to send photos or drop by the store with them.

We pay top cash for these on the spot and we have HUNDREDS of bottles in stock and becoming well known for our bottles.