Feb 1st 2013

IMG_2666Sorry for the delay in posting photos.  We have had some busy days in the last two weeks and the site was a little neglected.  Our big red Indian gas pump sold (unfortunately – we miss it) but it has gone to a great home!

featured this week is a hand made ship model of the bismark. This one however is very special!  it was made by a p.o.w in a German camp during WWII.  We have the name of the captured soldier, his German prisoner number, we know he was a British air force (raf) soldier captured from a crashed Lancaster plane off Normandy. we have more info as well (see photos in gallery below)

items include…

  • miller falls wood plane
  • 11 pocket watches
  • 3 cigar box lables
  • beatles cards
  • few comics
  • some marbles
  • a couple duck decoy/folk art carvings
  • small keg barrel
  • electro-home vintage fan working
  • a sold wooden bar back / hall table with native carving (frog)
  • a never opened vintage bottle of cristian dior
  • a 1920/30 banjo with case
  • cast iron beaver decorative
  • a quaker state banner
  • a cut glass deviled egg dish
  • a bunch of really nice carnival glass pieces
  • two seltzer bottles (toronto and a green rare windsor one)
  • a small crock with 1886 patent date
  • antique door knob sets (5 sets in total) 3 are heavy sold brass
  • Stickley Bro’s vintage mirror (really nice!)