November 30th

This is a fairly common tin but this one is in really nice condition and for a new collector it would be a gem!

We had a nice watercolor come in today!  It is a James Jerris Blomfield (Registered Canadian Artist)  The Watercolor painting was done in 1928 and is titled Lingering Twilight of the upper don (Don Valley we think) and has a original 1928 price tag on it for a whopping 75.00.

Other items this week include…

  • A paid of WWII trench lighters
  • A box of old lighter parts (including a bullet lighter, tank lighter, and a number of trench lighters that all need some repair)
  • Two sterling silver napkin rings
  • 45rpm record centers
  • Silverplate service set (nice and priced right – wooden handle)
  • Stacking (nesting) maroushka dolls (Russian Leaders – Vintage)
  • King Georges Navy Tin (tobacco tin)
  • Made in Japan usa army cars (tin litho)
  • Kawasaki Branded zippo pocket knife
  • a couple nice pieces of vintage luggage
  • USA large cast iron bell (nice tone in the ring)
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Porcelain enamel sign – Almost mint condition!)
  • and some other stuff I have not had a chance to photograph yet.