November 23rd

We have had a few weeks here with very little new coming in but the Midland Mirror (Local Newspaper) wrote a WONDERFUL story on us last week and we have been rather busy since!

Featured this week are these old bowling pin style exercise weights that were used in the carnival for juggling (ON FIRE!)  the cloth on the bottom was dipped in Kerosene and lit on fire.

Also this week we have…

  • A RCA radio
  • A FORD wrench
  • Two cast iron pot trivets
  • A Mandolin
  • A Banjo-mandolin (Banjole)
  • A new ION electric guitar and amp (We don’t usually take new stuff but this is a great xmas gift for anyone wanting to learn to play – it was never used)
  • Some light green beaver jars (3)
  • Some crown midget pints (One really nice blue)
  • Some great old Christmas lights and decorations!
  • Granite ware kettles
  • Beautiful oak umbrella stand
  • a “Risqué” bar kerosene lamp
  • Cast iron match holder
  • Cigarette Pocket tins
  • Wash agitator (Hand – looks like metal plunger)
  • Furs Silver fox and mink Stoles
  • Cast iron beaver decoration