Oct 26th – Nov 6th


Not a lot of new stuff this week but this Benson’s service station (Midland Ontario) TEXACO map (all framed nice) came in.  This was the Texaxo out on Hyw.12 between King st. and William st. (Click on the image to see it in full – it is very nice)

We have a few other items worth posting about as well..

  • Amber Swirl Crown quart  sealer jar (Very nice)
  • A grey Crown (Odd color) sealer quart
  • Boy Nice vintage Scouts cuff-link & tie clip set with Ring
  • We pulled a table out (cloverleaf) that was here but hidden so we put up photos of it
  • Robertson’s pop bottles (excellent condition) from Mount Albert
  • The grill came in for the Buddy-L texaco tanker toy truck too! Looks great!