September 18th-26th

I always like to feature a local piece of history whenever possible and this week we have two lovely carved decoys.  We were told they were carved locally (out on Christian Island) by a man named Steven Maurice.

Some other items that have come in.

  • Funeral Directors Thermometer (Stevensville Ontario)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 1984 midland directory
  • Water pump (cast iron – red beatty bros)
  • Menu from Marina’s (closed restaurant from midland)
  • Fire fighter Jacket (#81)
  • Button from Waverly winter carnival 1971
  • Some early (1903-10) funeral cards
  • Some pop bottle openers (Mission, Kist, 7up, Canada Dry, Double cola, Wishing well orange, etc..)
  • Arrow back chair
  • Pine box
  • Shelly & Dresden tea cups & saucers
  • Prince Edward Dairy bottle (ACL) very nice
  • Potts Dairy Token
  • Jones Dairy Midland (Cap) – rare
  • Sirram 102 – Tea pot set w/burner
  • Masons Blue (Lambskin) medallion and sash w/loin cloth
  • Mason/Masonic tea cup and saucer (crystal Palace) t.godwin Mid 1800’s – very rare
  • Montreal Milk bottle
  • and more…

We have had some interesting small items come in this