Aug 31st – Sept 4th

I am making this extra post because a few items have wandered into the shop over the weekend that I think some of our customers would just love.  For instance this Besses (Stayner) Dairy shotgun can is a great item for dairy bottle collectors.  Besses dairy bottles are in high demand and I suspect these shotgun cans are even more rare and the perfect addition to anyones dairy collection!

Some more new items…

  • CNR (Railway) Kerosene Can
  • High Radiation Caution sign (Interesting and unusual)
  • Wooden/Cast pulley
  • Pre WWII (or WWII) German multi tool kit
  • Vintage 60’s/70’s hockey (NHL) O.P.C cards (100+)
  • 5 new local dairy bottles (Citizen Barrie, Orillia, Barrie Allandale, Alewells Penetag (2), Midland Dairy bottle)
  • Howie Wing Pins & Canadian Air Cadet Pin
  • Boy Scouts Wolf pin
  • Roy Rogers (Post) pin
  • 2 1923 Canadian 25 cent shinplaster notes
  • Oil Painting (Clown)
  • Oil Painting (Large water scene – waves with light)
  • and more…

Items from last week that I did not get photos for till now …

  • Poison bottles (Some rare ones!)
  • A sketch of the Midland library (signed and framed under anti-glare glass)
  • some local receipts from Penetang bottling company and m.c.hinds bottling Orillia
  • 60.oz jumbo pop bottle w/elephant (very nice)
  • bunch of milk bottle caps
  • funeral notepad
  • framed artwork (water colors)
  • writing box (nicely aged)
  • Swiss Army pocket knife