Aug 23-30th

This really great stage coach F.Wertheim & Co. lock box came in this week (With the key – fully working).

It is VERY well built and the locking mechanism works like it was made yesterday (really smooth and locks the box in three spots).

It has two holes in the bottom to bolt it down to your stage coach (or?).

The lid closes in a way that it is virtually impossible to pry it open.  Too bad they don’t make quality items like this anymore!

A nice redware pottery jar/pot also made its way into the shop. Very nice condition and has a lava look to the glaze (Lots of photos of it below)

Other items this week include…

  • cast iron yarn/sting ball (holder)
  • cobalt blue pottery vase (small)
  • green pine-wood two tier dessert plate
  • red-ware pottery jar
  • Some Beatles albums
  • and more…