July 7th – 18th

We have about 400 sets of salt and pepper collectibles in.  We have only got 1/2 of them on display right now but will put more out as these are sold. Most of the photos below are from this collection. In addition we have the following new items (and I am sure I have missed a number of items as we have been rather busy the last couple weeks)

  • Cast iron coin bank safe w/working combination lock
  • Antique chairs (Pair – Only one in photo)
  • Paragon Tea cup set (We don’t bring in many tea sets but this is VERY nice!)
  • Uranium glass covered candy dish
  • Milk glass pedestal dish
  • Antique Model of a gun (Lighter)
  • Vintage Reproduction Candle Stick Phone (Made in the 70’s)
  • Antique wall phone (Made with quarter cut oak – very nice) we have a replacement receiver for it coming (all the insides are here too)
  • Vintage (Unopened) Super Spirograph!
  • Squirrel bowl
  • 1944 Coleman Lantern (Inside One / Missing shade but has kerosene and holds pressure)
  • Some vintage books (Airplanes, war, animals, and more…)
  • A number of records (33 Albums) came in
  • A few milk bottles as well (Canadian Dairies bottle below shown)
  • and the rest of the images are all salt and pepper sets (and this is only about 1/2 of them!)