June 29th – July 6th

Lots of smalls in this week and our shelves are full so be sure to pop on by!

Featured items this week would include this child’s glass punch bowl (Green milky uranium glass) it glows magnificently under the black-light, has all 6 mini cups and the bowl (complete with no damage) – Not recommended for children these days or to use for actual food products due to the uranium content but it is safe to handle (Just don’t drink out of it please!)

We also have a number of really great salt and pepper shakers that just came in (See photos below) these are very affordable to collect and put a smile on your face! How can you not love these monkeys!

Here is a partial list of some of the items in this week.

  • About a dozen or so new salt and peppers
  • Flak and Van Arsdale crock (from Cornwall, Ontario) with headless bird
  • Mini hen on nest (Rooster on nest actually)
  • Some Vaseline glass, fire-king and jadite
  • beautiful milk-glass pitcher and a sugar bowl too not shown in photos
  • some pressed glass
  • wooden root folk art with carved birds (Sorry image is blurry)
  • crystal salt and peppers with mother of pearl inlay sterling silver lids
  • Sterling sleeved shot glass set 4 perfect 1 damaged (So set of 4 + 1 freebie)
  • McCoy cookie house (has chip but very nice)
  • Native smoke hand carved and detailed boxes (3)
  • Beautiful antique server table on wheels – would make an AMAZING bathroom vanity
  • Vernon kilns water pitcher (light blue) with bakelite handle
  • Midland Parker Brothers Dairy bottle (Large size – rare!)
  • Copper Boiler
  • Number of lighters (some tall ones)
  • Hubbley Toy Firetruck
  • Antique vanity chair (reupholstered) beautiful detail
  • Carnival Glass Tree vase (Orange)
  • A few other milk bottles
  • Vintage ice crusher
  • and more…