June 23rd – 28th

We have had some nice vintage glass pieces come in this week as well as this lovely live edge mirror hand made from Chinese fur (The photos do not do it justice!).  No local items this week to tell you all about but some great finds none the less (We took photos of everything we could think of below but I am sure much more came in then what I have photos for here.

Here is a list to match the photos below. (Click the photos for large versions)

  • Some folk art boats
  • A vintage flatfish wooden lure with box
  • English tall milk / cream
  • Interesting bottle opener (goose?Swan?)
  • Amber Ice Bucket (Depression glass)
  • Pink w/gold detail depression glasses (Set of 5)
  • Cheezies ashtrays/drink holder set of 4 in box (Canadian)
  • Couple of signed pieces of art glass
  • 12 nickles from 1922-1947
  • Miss America Crystal Depression Glass (2 Pc’s)
  • 2 nice old oak chairs
  • Saw and some tools
  • Vintage block and tackle Pully (Really nice)
  • Vintage tang beverage pitcher
  • Vintage/Retro Glass Ice Crusher
  • Baby cups
  • Madalta Potter Advertising Cups
  • Clear retro candy dish (Very interesting shape with lid)
  • a dozen or more matchbox/corgi/lesney die cast toy cars/trucks/etc
  • and more…