Military items

We are always looking to purchase or consign any military items – especially Canadian WWII medals & rare service medals as they are always in high demand with our collectors.

People want to keep this history alive and share it with future generations.

The items in the above photo sold recently along with the service record and some garments worn by this Lt Colonel.  These items are going to a really great home as they will be displayed at a private collectors museum (open to the public by appointment at this time) to share the history of this soldier with the public.

Collectors are looking for all sorts of items but the best items are items you can put a name to and some history!

We love to know who received the medals, who wore the hat and jacket, where they were stationed, photos of the soldier, hand written letters, service records and basically anything you can tell or show us to add to the story. The history is just as important as the item!

Some of our collectors who purchase these items go to great lengths to find out as much information as they can about the soldier who served our country.  They share the stories with others and take great pride in preserving the history.

Some our our customers purchase the items for personal collections but more complete sets such as this one above are purchased to be shared with the public.

These items are part of our history and if you own some of these types of items and don’t have any sentimental attachment to them (This does happen often) as they are often stored in a forgotten box in a closet somewhere they are much better off in the hands of a collector or museum (someone who will share the history with others and display them proudly).