June 17th – 22nd

This week we have a number of fruit jars (including some scarce/rare ones like this 1/2 pint jewel jar with a really primitive bar top) some other rare sealers are featured in the photos below.

We had a few others (Including a rare acme jar worth over 450.00) that unfortunately sold before we had the chance to photograph them.

This week we have in….

  • 2 Crown Flame 1/2 pint (One has a chip in lip but great embossing, the other is faded – both are ground lips)
  • Crown IQT – Hamilton Glass Works
  • Crown BULGE
  • Crown Eatons (Backwards N’s)
  • Beaver (Really Nice Embossing)
  • Rare Amethyst Doolittle 1/2 pint square
  • Trade Mills (Early) coffee with cork top – Green side of aqua – DRUM shape
  • The Darling (Really nice)
  • Gem (Script only) IPT (Rare)
  • Glass Bros. (crockery Sealer) w/clasp (Excellent shape – rare)
  • Star (Crack in lip) hidden by ring however (Beautiful Jar)
  • Peanut Butter Jar (Horne’s)
  • Peanut Butter Jar (Barbour’s)
  • The OZO Coy (Pickle Jar – Montreal)
  • Hanover Co-Op Dairy
  • 2 Pansy (Crack in lip)
  • Jumbo POP (Full)
  • Weckerle Milk/Dairy  (New York maybe?)
  • Victory 1/2 pint (Crack but perfect closure/lid)
  • Hi_Spot Lemon Soda (Full)
  • Canada Dry Ginger Beer (Full)
  • Aubry-Paris Lime (Full) Paper Label (Rare)
  • Old Oak Rum (With hat)
  • Few Misc. Medicine bottles
  • Citron Amber Perfect seal (Sorry not in photos – missed it)


Other Items of interest this week

  • Postcard album
  • Wedgewood Plate (Black jasperware) made in england
  • GravyTrain Movie poster (Signed by the 2 main actors)
  • Recipes box (tin) full of great old ads and recipes
  • Some old tins


Also… not photos but we have a intelivision game council with 50+ games just come in and a Dominion grocery store toy truck from 1979.