Early 1930’s Moorcroft Vase

Moorcroft Lovers –  early 1930’s piece!

This is a absolutely beautiful early moorcroft vase.  Most collectors know moorcroft as the dark vibrant blues and greens with the flower patterns but the early moorcroft is much more subtle and elegant.  This has the early 1930’s signature on the bottom and no chips or cracks.

For those who love the Flower greens and blues we try to keep that in stock as well.  At this time we have a very nice 3” x 9” pen / pin tray in green as well and just recently sold two beautiful blue 4” x 1” finger bowls.

The vase is currently listed in our store at just 475.00 and any moorcroft collector knows this is a steal.  These often sell for well over 600.00 so I don’t expect it to last long.