June 7th – 16th

We will start this weeks post with some local items.  First, we have a vintage photo album with a number of photos (see below) of local ships, the shrine, 30000 islands, harbour and more!

It is a leather album labled SnapShots Midland Canada with a native image.



The next local item we have is a nice local Penetang (Just came in yesterday!) It is a paper label cork top extract flavouring bottle with the original cork and a great label!



This item is not local but it is unusual and worth a mention.

It is a Nichols Boynton Stoneware jug from Burlington Vermont – this Jug has three LARGE kiln burns and was probably something a factory worker took home at the end of the day as they would have thrown away damaged jugs like this.  Some collectors look for perfect condition items but truth is items like this are much more rare.

Some other items this week…

  • Local Midland Photo album with vintage b/w photos
  • Diamond w/white gold ring
  • Vintage Valentines cards
  • AGFA Camera (Standard Model)
  • Some pottery (Blue Mountain Granite, Blue Mountain Cobalt & Huronia Pottery)
  • Joseph Pannacci Porcelain Vase
  • Custard Uranium/Vaseline glass bell
  • Murano glass dish
  • Penetang Allewell’s dairy bottle w/top
  • Gum vending machine (Spearmint Gum)
  • Box w/Sterling Silver Carving
  • Sherman Brooch
  • and more…